Education and migratory integration
Why develop education and migratory integration projects?

According to estimates by Migration Colombia, IOM and social organizations in the territory, 40% of the migrant population in the territory is in an irregular situation. To this must be added an estimated minimum of 50,000 people who are in transit as a transient population or who entered the territory irregularly without any type of documentation.

This implies that at least 500,000 people are in an irregular situation in Colombia without being able to work or study and without contributing to the health or pension system, etc. Regular migrants who have PEPs, approximately 593,383 people, have difficulty accessing housing rentals, credits or savings mechanisms.



Impact of our education and integration programs

Six (6) training workshops on migrant grief and integration have been held for more than 200 representatives of social organizations, public institutions and companies working with migrant populations.

In alliance with USAID and AFIDRO, the event “The Private Sector and Venezuelan Migration: An Opportunity for Health and Well-being” was co-organized, bringing together the 40 most important companies in the health and pharmaceutical sector in Colombia. The purpose of this initiative was to invite them to participate in the strategy created by Aid Live and Afidro to improve the health conditions of the Venezuelan population.

Two (2) training workshops were held on who the migrants are and what their care needs are for officials from USAID, AcdiVoca, Norwegian Refugee Council, Danish Refugee Council and the Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF).

We were invited as speakers at:

    • Women Economic Forum
    • Nexus Summit Latam
    • Ventures Summit
    • Concordia
    • Solutions Summit UN

In these spaces we present the situation of Venezuelan migrants in Colombia with the objective of coordinating more alliances and raising funds for the benefit of Venezuelans.

Grow Programs

Some of our education and integration programs

Under one roof


Paso Colombia

Arauca, Colombia

All our programs have one of our main pillars, which is the empowerment of the community where we develop our programs.

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