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Wayuu Taya

Guajira, Colombia

We believe in the importance of going beyond traditional actions that address the humanitarian emergency to provide well-being and improve health and nutrition, especially for children and young people.


direct beneficiaries


indirect beneficiaries

1 year


Program objectives

  • Provide the School Facilities Program administered by The Wayuu Taya Foundation with the formulation of an architecture and construction project for the School Kitchen, which contributes to the development of the Schools through the educational contribution given in the project.

Program in 2020

Reduce deforestation in communities through the proper use of the improved stove or adequate industrial equipment in the school kitchen.

Train the community on the management and conservation of the environment and the correct use of the kitchen and its components.

Optimize the use of the school kitchen.

Strengthen the communities, through educational training, so that they participate responsibly and actively in the development and execution of the project.

Through the alliance between the Wayuu Taya Foundation and Chef José Andrés and its Central Kitchen Foundation, and the Aid Live Foundation with the Clinton Foundation and Giustra Enterprise Partnership, support the implementation of weekly food programs for Wayuu children in a total of 4 schools and 8 communities, covering a total of 2,650 low-income children and adolescents.


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