In February 2019, a group of world-class businessmen, leaders, influencers and artists, with a high sensitivity for the situation in Venezuela, decided to join forces to create one of the largest awareness mobilizations about the humanitarian emergency in the country. The Venezuela Aid Live concert achieved historic figures, bringing together 375,000 people on the Colombian-Venezuelan border and millions of television viewers from different parts of the world.







To guarantee the continuity of the initial efforts, to contribute to mitigate some of the most urgent needs of the humanitarian emergency and to ensure transparency in the use of the donations collected, the organizers of the Concert Venezuela Aid Live decided to create in Colombia, Aid Live Foundation,an organization composed of a group of experts in social development and migration, who conducted a field study within Venezuela and Colombia, to establish the guidelines that will generate the greatest possible impact through the programs.



Aid Live Foundation focuses on promoting the integral development and well-being of Venezuelan children in vulnerable communities and Venezuelan migrants in Colombia.

We believe in the importance of medium and long term programs, going beyond traditional actions that address humanitarian emergencies to provide well-being and improve health and nutrition, especially in children and youth.

This translates into a powerful exchange of ideas and a community of leaders who provide local solutions.

our programs



In February 2019 a group of Colombian private sector leaders, with a special sensitivity to the situation in Venezuela, decided to join forces to create the largest awareness mobilization on the humanitarian crisis.

Led by Victoria Sierra and Bruno Ocampo with the support of Virgin Unite and Sir Richard Branson This group of globally renowned entrepreneurs, influencers and artists convened the largest citizen demonstration ever seen around the crisis in Venezuela.

If you’re happy doing what you love, nobody can tell you you’re not successful.

Victoria Sierra

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Investing in the comprehensive development of children is the best investment of any society to ensure a prosperous future for generations to come.

Bruno Ocampo


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