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Solidaridad por Colombia

Valledupar, Colombia

We believe in the importance of going beyond traditional actions that address the humanitarian emergency to provide well-being and improve health and nutrition, especially for children and young people.


direct beneficiaries


indirect beneficiaries

1 year


Program objectives

  • Articulate alliances and actions that respond, from prevention and promotion, to the most relevant humanitarian needs, identified by the National Government and multilateral organizations, and that are affecting the opportunities and lives of migrant children from Venezuela and settled in the departments of Cesar (Valledupar).

Program in 2020

Contribute to the adequate nutritional status of children, through the delivery of nutritional supplements and nutritional surveillance.

Appropriate skills in mothers that allow them to identify the clinical signs of child and adolescent malnutrition and activate the care routes that local governments have established to neutralize risk factors.

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