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Solidaridad por Colombia

Valledupar, Colombia

We believe in the importance of going beyond traditional actions that address the humanitarian emergency to provide well-being and improve health and nutrition, especially for children and young people.


direct beneficiaries


indirect beneficiaries

1 year


Program objectives

  • Efficiently and effectively attend to the needs of the Venezuelan migrant population, located in the municipality of Valledupar, related to sexual and reproductive health, nutrition of the mother-child relationship and access to drinking water through an alliance based on the Primary Health Care Strategy (PHC), intersectoral coordination and social participation.

Program in 2020

Provide sexual health and reproductive health services with an emphasis on contraception from a promotion strategy on sexual and reproductive rights to 300 migrant women in Valledupar.

 Prevent nutritional deterioration of pregnant women and mothers with children under 2 years of age, intrauterine malnutrition, low birth weight and possible malformations in neonates, caused by micronutrient deficiency in women of reproductive age, by supplying the nutritional supplement BC® Nine Moons, as well as the appropriation of competences that allow them to generate knowledge and practices related to SRHR, pregnancy, intrauterine malnutrition, lactation, clinical signs of child malnutrition and care routes.

Guarantee access to drinking water at any time and the appropriation of good hygiene practices

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