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Northern Region, Venezuela

We believe in the importance of going beyond traditional actions that address the humanitarian emergency to provide well-being and improve health and nutrition, especially for children and young people.


direct beneficiaries


indirect beneficiaries

1 Year


Program Objectives

  • Provide daily feeding to 500 children from vulnerable populations.

  • Offer training and support to 30 mother cooks for income generation.

  • To train 20 artisan fishermen in fish processing and conservation techniques.

  • To reduce diseases resulting from inadequate food handling and/or preparation.

Program in 2019

25.440 Meals served. 530 beneficiaries, of whom 500 are children, attend the program’s dining rooms daily.

More than 700 beneficiaries have Access to drinking wáter in the program’s dining rooms.

85% of the children showed significant advances in their nutritional status and 90% of the beneficiaries responded positively to the treatment with respect to the baseline.

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