Family born,

family growing up

Western Region, Venezuela

We believe in the importance of going beyond traditional actions that address the humanitarian emergency to provide well-being and improve health and nutrition, especially for children and young people.


direct beneficiaries


indirect beneficiaries

1 Year


Program Objectives

  • Provide healthcare to 3,000 children from vulnerable populations for 12 months.

  • To benefit 7,000 families through training in emergency care at the home of the parents and teachers from vulnerable populations without access to the health system.

  • Reduce the incidence of preventable diseases through hygiene and health education

  • Provide nutritional supplements to those children who are detected to be at risk of malnutrition or some level of malnutrition

Program in 2019

401 Patients Served.

306 Nutrition consultations where delivered.

362 Nutritional treatments.

82 General and emergency medicine consultations.

38 Laboratory tests performed.

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