Youth Employability Program



In Colombia, about half of the population lives below the poverty line, where the unemployment rate reaches 15.9%, and 1 in 6 young adults who were working before the pandemic, lost their income completely monthly.

That is why we decided to develop a platform that allows us to take advantage of this workforce, guaranteeing a regular income and comprehensive support for hundreds of thousands of young people and families in the country. From Aid Live, our mission is to accompany the Life Plan process.

Program Objective

Promote training in English and long-term employability in vulnerable populations.

Our pillars


Financial inclusion

Psychosocial support

Comprehensive medical care


Design a scholarship-credit scheme in which the participant accesses intensive English courses for 6 months, and is then employed in positions that value command of a second language.

Additionally, comprehensive support will be provided to the new worker during the first year of their new role.



  • Upon meeting the academic requirements of the course, you receive an official certificate

  • Is hired full time by Teleperformance clients.

  • Pay off the credit granted in approximately 8 months.

  • Socio-cultural integration: focused on the prevention of xenophobia and exclusion.


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